Ventile Client

Ventile Client
Ventile Client
Ventile Client
Ventile Client
Ventile Client
Ventile Client
Ventile Client

Download Ventile Client here:   (copy paste the Link in your browser)

Launch Minecraft Select the DLL you want Inject the DLL in your Game

You can choose from over 15 Cosmetics and Mix them how u want. By clicking them they will be Automaticlly in your ressource pack folder, you just have to activate them (like a texture pack) By clicking reset, it will delete all chosen cosmetics from your ressourcepack folder so you can choose them new


- select if you want to hide/minimize/close/open the Launcher after you injected and launched Minecraft

- customize your rich presence with a custom buttong with custom name and link

- enable Developer DLL to select a DLL from you*r File Explorer

- enable autoinject, so everytime you Launch Minecrfat thru the Launcher it will auto inject the dll you selected

- cosse your custom ressource pack location, where it will save the cosmetics.

- load and save presets


- Choose Between Light and Dark mode
- Change background color to a custom one
- Change Outline Color to a custom one
- Change Accent color to a custom one
- change button color to a custom one

Settings (extras)
Here you can choose between the default and rounded buttons Choose you custom background image

- credits
- version info
- Link to website
- About Text

RPC (Rich presence)

Example for The Hompage with custom background

Example for The Hcosmetics page with custom background