Naza v0.1b

Naza v0.1b

Firstly, what is Naza?Naza is a PBR Supported resource pack that will enhance your Minecraft experience to be more interesting and beautiful just in 64×64 Resolution and Performance Friendly for most devices. Also almost every albedo are Hand Drawned here

Yes, this pack includes PBR materials that works on Osbes, Nori, and Yssbe shader. Let me introduce you what is PBR means. So, PBR stands for Physically Based Rendering, this rendering method allows you to use more Advanced materials such as Normal map and Specular map, let's stop here since this is not a PBR lesson.

This pack was already includes all of them, so you can use it with PBR supported shaderpacks.


Non-PBR version comes soon along with Bedrock RTX version and Java LabPBR 1.3


Here are some in-game screenshots with the newest v0.1b

Next update expected features :

  • Add Bedrock RTX support


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