Stronghold and Monument At Spawn

Stronghold and Monument At Spawn

This seed has good locations that are very rare to find in a seed. This seed is the perfect starter survival seed.

if you make a nether portal near spawn,you Will be spawned near fortress (361,67,8)

you can also find a ravine in the dessert,it near from your spawn,this ravine is have so much iron ore

you can also visit and loot the second village in 2281, ~ ,431

•interesting ravine 

-ravine with exposed spider spawner (2101,50,369)

-ravine with exposed mineshaft,i’m ussualy use this place for my alternative base

You can also find a stronghold in 2203,59,876 and the portal room is in 2199,27,920.this stronghold is near ruined portal

Ruined portal near stronghold

And this is the last thing,ocean monument 1608, ~ ,1336

Thats all i can explain to you about this seed,i take any picture on creative world.and sorry for my bad grammar

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