Raiyons Java Combat Addon

Raiyons Java Combat Addon

By Lord Raiyon

Have you ever wanted your Bedrock experience to be closer to Java?

Well if so, this addon is for you!


This addon adds a combat system quite faithful to Java

Java combat is based on the cooldown which is a certain time with a weapon / tool in which you can do the maximum damage with it and can be visually seen as a loading bar below the cursor


Cooldown List

Swords 0.60

Tridente 0.90

Any item other than a weapon / tool 0.25

Hoes 0.25

Wooden Axe 1.25

Stone Axe 1.25

Iron Axe 1.10

Golden Axe 1.0

Diamond Axe 1.0

Netherite Axe 1.0

I decided to remove the cooldown bar for picks and shovels so it doesn't get in the way when mining


Sweeping attack

Attacking with a charged sword, you will make an attack that will damage all mobs near you only if it is not a critical hit

This attack is useful for farms since the mobs drop their items and xp when dying for it

Axes Damage

The addon modify the damage of the axes to be like java

Critical Hit sound

Critical hit sounds sound like Java

Shield and shield blocking

When using a shield it will not push and you can block for 5 seconds attacking players with the active shield if attacking with an axe

A player with a bloqued shield will look like this

The shield has a cooldown of 0.25 when used like java

knockback Sprint

A mechanic similar to Java was added which is that when you sprint and you have at least the cooldown bar at 80% you will give more kb than normal(This for now works on players, with axe or sword)

This is useful to make combos

Shield Animation

Added an animation of the shield like java

Attack Speed

Something similar to java attack speed was added being that now you do damage percentages since before only the damage was subtracted

This works with strength or sharpness

This is the addon for now I had to make the addon from 0 and modify almost all the entities of the game but it was worth it

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