Tegra Shader v1.01b release!

This shader was created with the intention of having fun. Nvidia Tegra inspired the name of this shader. This shader enhances the effects of mcpe graphics by providing a full color effect. This shader is compatible with MCPE 1.16+ and Nether Update! Also, beta versions are supported.

Tegra Shader v1.01b release!

This shader is made in Indonesia!

This shader is tested in: 

  • infinix smart 5 lite 
  • realme c25

Freatures :

  • smooth leaf movement 
  • water reflection 
  • sun rise metallic 
  • glowing ore 
  • cloud reflection on each block 
  • realistic water
  • specular (sun reflection) in each block
  • Godrays in Underwater 
  • Color fixed vibrant color. 
  • magic end sky 
  • cloud fbm 

for other features please see for yourself in the game.

Some screenshots :

Sun reflection

  • Fresnel and dirlight

    • Galaxy

    Video showcase :