Ultra Realismo Shader Lite v1.1 (Android/iOS)

Ultra Realismo Shader Lite v1.1 (Android/iOS)

Ultra Realism Shader Lite v1.1 is a new low-resource realistic shader but that does not mean that it lags behind other shaders, it has the purpose of improving the graphics to the limit for a greater gaming experience, based on the canceled project by Mojang "Super Duper Graphics Pack" only compatible with (Android / iOS)


- Sunrise and sunset

- Day and night color

- White lighting and realistic shadows

-Realistic waters



  • Coloring of the world
  • White lighting
  • Beautiful and realistic sky similar to the "Super Duper Graphics Pack"
  • Realistic shadow
  • Realistic waters
  • Water wave
  • Aquatic caustic
  • Agitation of leaves and plants "generic movement"
  • Reflection of the sun in the water (sunrise / sunset)
  • Fog
  • Etc ...


Check out the official trailer to learn more about this shader. Also by watching this video you are helping me:


  • Use this mcpedl link if you want to share this shader.
  • Please do not create another link for this shader.
  • Please ask me for permission first, if you want to use any code from this shader.
  • This shader is based on the Super Duper Graphics Pack from Mojang's canceled project
  • A special thanks to Voxel Graphics (creator of the bicubic shaders) for helping me with the water code <3


- TheAlexanderツ

- Alto Realismo shader code sky

Please help me with something to motivate me to keep updating the shader constantly :) :https://paypal.me/alexander010106