Vatonage Modpack

Vatonage Modpack is a small, vanilla-style modpack that adds 31 mobs, 267 items, and 42 blocks. All of the features behave similarly to vanilla, making it simple to get started!

Vatonage Modpack

Addon List

  • Lucky Blocks
  • Heart Containers
  • Ritual Magic
  • Ore Randomizer
  • Weapon Cases
  • Potion Rings
  • Mob Randomizer

All of these addons were created by me; I will update this pack with new addons as they are created.

Quick Tutorial

  • If you see an entity that resembles a quartz pedestal with a golden ball on top, throw valuable resources at it to spawn mobs; for more information on spawning rules, see the ritual magic mod page. 
  • Aether islands naturally spawn in the sky; for more information, visit the aether addon mod page.

Video Showcase