MCPE/Bedrock MCPE But If You Touch Grass You Die

MCPE/Bedrock MCPE But If You Touch Grass You Die

MCPE But If You Touch Grass You Die

Have you seen Minecraft java youtubers play minecraft but if they touch grass you die,well in this map it's basically the same and the goal is to beat the ender dragon without touching the grass because if you step on it, you die


This is the map that youtubers play and try to beat the dragon and that's your goal too

If you wanted to try this experience but you never had a pc then this is your chance you can never touch grass.

This map uses only one command block to run(+ the ones for the settings) and this will make your world with 0 lag.

You can play this map with your friends without any proplems or any lag at all.

You can change the world difficulty from easy to normal or hard via command blocks.

You can also play using keepinventory or not also via the command blocks.

First thing you have to do is to collect resources then you need to find a nether portal or make one

Then you have to enter the nether and find some piglins so you can give them gold and they give you ender pearls

After that you have to search for a nether fortress then kill some blazes and use blaze rods to craft blaze powder then you can craft eyes of ender 

After crafting the eyes of ender you may right click them to lead you to the strong hold in which you can find the end portal to go to the end

Open the end portal using your eyes of ender

Then jump in the portal and you will find yourself ant the end and then you have to kill the dragon

Kill him using any strategy if you dont have the proper armor or weapon (i suggest searching for how to 1 cycle dragon in mcpe)

Then now you have defeated the game and won the challenge [congrats ;)]

This video is a short video that shows you the map in 1 minute.



-Added settings (keep inventory-night vision-haste)

-better lobby added.

-added more blocks you can choose from (stone-grass-sand-netherrack)

-you can choose 0-4 blocks of the mentioned above.


1-Open your file explorer.
2-Go to downloads.
3-Delete the (.zip) from the map's name.
4-Open it using minecraft

creator: Karim71